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Financial planning is an ever-changing, continuous process that takes into account not only your financial life, but also your personal life which includes your hopes, values and dreams. The term financial planning may mean different things to different individuals. For one individual, it could mean planning investments to help provide security during retirement. For another, it could mean planning savings and investments to help provide for a child’s education. Every plan we develop is unique and custom-tailored to a client’s specific needs.


Have recent market conditions left you with a feeling of uncertainty? Do you question if your current financial strategy is the best approach? Or maybe your perspective has changed on your overall financial situation. For most investors, the task of monitoring investments and responding to rapidly changing conditions can be challenging. This is where Capital Management Group can help.


Estate planning is a topic that few individuals like to talk about for a number of reasons. To begin with, estate planning often deals with feelings and attitudes towards topics that most individuals prefer to ignore. These include death, marriage, property, and family. Many individuals fear the responsibility of making decisions today that will potentially impact their loved ones for years to come. And with all of the financial issues that individuals currently face such as dealing with volatile markets and providing enough savings for a secure retirement, it’s not surprising that estate planning is oftentimes a forgotten topic.


Managing risk is a fundamental part of wealth management. A truly comprehensive wealth management plan can help to protect both you and your family from a wide range of financial risks. These risks include the risk of dying too soon and potentially leaving a financial burden to loved ones, the risk of disability which impacts one’s ability to earn income while at the same time increasing medical expenses, and the risk of potentially outliving the assets that one has accumulated during a lifetime. Many high net worth individuals in particular look for a wealth management firm with the infrastructure to effectively manage both their assets and risks, as well as be able to consolidate their investment information from multiple sources. This is where Capital Management Group can help. Although we do not provide tax or legal advice, we can work with your other advisors to help ensure a comprehensive strategy.


The task of monitoring investments and responding to rapidly changing conditions can be challenging. We provide asset management services designed to help individuals create, implement, and monitor a disciplined investment strategy that will help them progress steadily towards reaching their financial and life goals.

Our investment philosophy begins with a sound asset allocation strategy. We believe in long-term strategic asset allocation combined with slight tactical adjustments based on market conditions. We understand that when it comes to managing clients’ assets, one strategy does not fit all. The approach we take with each client depends on a number of variables including the client’s goals, current financial situation and risk tolerance to name a few. By aligning with a team of professionals like Capital Management Group who invest the time to understand their client’s total financial picture and goals, clients can develop and maintain a long-term and disciplined approach to managing their assets.

Capital Management Group has no allegiances to managers or funds. Our only allegiance is to our clients and their goals. With our independent, objective viewpoint, detailed reporting and transparent fee structure, our clients have the clarity and confidence that their assets are being invested in their best interests. Through exceptional service, investment knowledge and extensive capabilities, we can help them plan to make their financial goals a reality. 
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